I want 10,000 app downloads with a special code entered after download for 2 different apps for max. $50.00

in: Advertising • Expected delivery ~7 days

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*Apple users only! I want you to get 10,000 people to download these apps (each person must download them both): appCasher App Trailers Here are the steps you must take to get appCasher since it it a web app (must be added to home page from the internet via iOS device): 1. Visit appcasher.com from your device 2. Register from that page 3. Add the app to your home page (there should be a pop up with instructions. If not, click the picture with the box and arrow coming out of it, then click "Add to Home Screen") 4. Install profile (It will pop up automatically. You may have already completed this step earlier) Here are the steps they have to follow after downloading appCasher: 1. Register + verify email in needed 2. Click "share" on the bottom tab 3. Click "Enter Referral Code" 4. Enter: 4058 The steps for App Trailers are simple: 1. Download from the App Store 2. Register by clicking settings tab 3. Verify account if neccessary 4. Click "Videos" tab & click "enter bonus code".

Recurring: The offered service should be provided and charged every 7 days.