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I will create a auto updated Google Spreadsheet for $5

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If you want a online form for collecting data over web or want to create a questioner and collect the response in a spreadsheet format, then this is the right gig to look for. Once I get the requirement and a shared google spreadsheet, I will add a script to the shared google spread sheet, and you can use at as a form for data collection. This approach reduces the cost as you dont require a site hosted or a domain for creating data forms. To avoid inconvenience please contact with the requirements before ordering for checking the feasibility and the time and effort estimates. I can do small changes if required in same order cost, for major changes can give a new estimate.

I can provide solutions to jQuery problems and can create custom plugins as per the requirement. Based on the requirements complicity I can complete the work in average 3 days after getting the requirement. The same gig will include giving a sample and multiple small revisions. Major changes may require different gig.

I have a bank of quotes given by different people and celebrates and categories. I can provide 5000 quotes for specified author or category in one gig. I can provide the quotes as html pages or in csv or other delimited format.

Hi, I am a opensource programmer with experience of 5+ years. I have experience in data scraping. I can scrape the required data, from the site you provide, and deliver the scraped data in the format you specify. If the data scraping is not more complicated then I can deliver the output in 3 to 4 days. For complicated scraping can estimate after seeing the job. Also I can create the scraping scripts and give it to you for some extra charge. I can also send the scraped data as full or in parts as per the requirements. Also can download the images if required or any other files associated with data. Also after scrapping the scraped data can be converted in required format as per requirement. I will suggest to certainly give a try :)