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I will be your pen pal or friend for $5

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i will write to you on this site and just be a good pen pal friend, express your self here write about what ever you want to get off your mind as long as it is respectful. and i will write you back some people just like to write about daily issues or how they day went others about life and work .well write what ever you like as long as its respectful. i will be your pen pal or friend for 5$ a day i will listen to you so express your self every body need a friend:) and you can never have enough friends,i will be there for you and listen always .

i will make a surprise or mystery call to your business or company.would you like to no what goes on when your employees are suppose to be working? also would you like to no how your employees treat and interact, with your consumers,clients are they helpful ? polite and courtesy.your customers are important and your customers is vital to your we will make any call to your business for compliance and monitoring. because you need to no.