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Do you feel frustrated because you cant come up with an idea for a WSO? Does it make you want to fly through the roof when you see others constantly launching new one at the speed of light while you wonder where they get the ideas from? Do you want to create it, but you just don’t know what the heck to create one about? Or maybe you have a vague idea of what you want to create , but you just can’t put your finger on how to make it unique? If that is how you feel, then I want you to know that I understand, as that is exactly how I used to feel before I discovered my simple 19 Hole Google Formula. Before I created my first WSO, I would spend hours racking my brain. I’ll even show you my Secret 19 Hole Formula (and this one is a biggie!!) which will reveal to you how I get tons of ideas from search engines by asking a few easy questions.order now and be on the first page