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Sample Readings for a client :- There is a combination for teaching in your horoscope. Firstly the dharma-karmadhipati yoga. Exchange of 9th and 10th lords and later the aspect of jupiter on 10th lord venus in d-1 is very good factor for teaching. It either suggests that you father is a very religious person or was related to some religious institution in his life. You can go for teaching as a career. In d-9 the 10th lord is again associated with 5th and 9th houses plus aspected by jupiter supporting teaching. In d-10 this yoga is a little diluted and gives a confused picture. You could try for teaching as a self employed teacher as well initially along with a teaching job . Regarding Married life 7th lord and DK moon is associated with Gulika affecting married life and further the 7th lord mars of d-9 has gone under rahu/ketu axis in d-9 indicating problems. Venus the kalatra karaka is afflicted by both saturn mars in d-9. Did you have an intercaste marriage? (Space over)