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In The Godfather: Five Families MMO game, you can attack gangs to get money, weapons, & other resources...& you take over cityscapes to increase your money & your standing. This list will tell you what makes up the 10 levels of the gangs & cityscapes, so that you can attack them with minimum losses & maximum results. There is no way to look these stats up on the game, so you have to learn by trial & error...meaning that you're going to lose more men than you have to, as well as waste money & time training them. This information will help you to play more effectively, more quickly. As I've said, you would have to learn all of this by trial & could take weeks, or even months, depending on how often you gather this information. I didn't have a resource like this when I started playing, but I've compiled the information for you to have at the click of your mouse.

Hey guys…do you & your girlfriend or wife often get into fights over seemingly trivial stuff? Does it seem at times that you can't even be in the same room together without some kind of strife? Have you ever thought, "I wish there was a manual for dealing with women!!!"? Well now there is. "RULES FOR DOMESTIC ENGAGEMENT" can help you to prevent or diffuse these situations, leading to the peace & quiet that you deserve. Have you heard the old saying, "Women - you can't live with 'em, & you can't live without 'em."? With "RULES FOR DOMESTIC ENGAGEMENT", maybe now you can live with 'em somewhat easier.

I'll send you 8 great sites for paid surveys, that actually pay you. Some of them even pay you $5 to sign up. (The 1st site alone will be an IMMEDIATE return of your investment here; these sites will net you a minimum of $225.) PLUS: I'll tell you 8 sites NOT to join, & why. Could you use some extra money? Which sites are the real deal, & which will waste your time? Let me save you the hassle of endless searches...I've already done the work.