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Nowadays its very difficult to rank on google because of increased competition. But the service which I am going to provide is the easiest way to rank on google and get enormous traffic without any hard effort. You just need to provide me the category of your website and through deep research on keywords so that you would get five different highly searched and very low competitive keywords. Including it properly in your website will not only rank your website under top ten but also provide abundant traffic which will easily grow your business without any hard effort. It may take more than one day sometimes if category is more competitive so do not get worried. if you would not be satisfied i will immediately refund your money but I can guarantee you will love this service as it will benefit you very much.

I will submit site on all major search engine for $5

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google is the world's largest search engine,everyone rely there for getting exposure and traffic to their sites. but we should not rely only on it for getting traffic,we should also atleast submit our website on other top search engines. there are plenty of search engines on internet so through this gig i will put your website on all top search engines so that-; * you get more exposure * more traffic * more backlinks if your website is not ranked at top 10 in google then you dont get any benefit from it so its better to submit on all search engine so that it atleast be at top in some other search engines and get more traffic.

I will do childish voiceover for $5

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voiceovers are very popular and its very useful for many one in various purposes. i will record entertaining childish voiceover for you if you have you can provide me the content or just provide me the topic for your voiceover

I will add 1000 facebook friends for $5

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If you need traffic anywhere either on blog,website,pages,groups etc a completed Facebook account can fulfill this dream with thousand friends so that you will be eligible to create a fan page through your account. I can give you 1000 friends in just a day. So that you can easily rank your posts on google,can get easy likes and shares and many more thing. Because once you reach 1000 friend you get daily 100 friend request which is damn crazy thing for making anything viral. Message me before ordering so that there will be no confusion.