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Gigs by Zyfer

I will sign up for an affiliate link and subscribe for $5

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I will click on your affiliate link, banner ad, or any affiliation to you and sign up for anything that’s free and counted as a LEAD for you or your respective business. This is for looks of course and I wouldn’t be interested in financially binding myself to a product i would never have any serious NEED for. I will also subscribe to your channel, become your referral, and like your page/group. What you’re getting? 1.Sign-ups that are counted as leads. 2.Subscription to your products and services for life. 3.Likes and positive comments to your services to promote growth within your business.

I will write a detailed bio, "About Us Section," or homepage for $5

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I will provide your respective business with a detailed biography, about me section, and homepage. I have provided about me sections for App inventors, small business owners, investment companies, (etc.) What you can expect? *Unique about me section that will entice targeted traffic to buy into your product *A detailed biography to demonstrate the kind of person you are and convey you have integrity. *A homepage that doesn't come across as "salesy" but looks casual and resonates with the buyer's WANTS and NEEDS *It's only 5 bucks and if you aren't satisfied i'll refund it.

I will publish an ad on various sources for $5

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I am offering my services to market and advertise your unique business ideas to multiple sources that will give you the attention it needs to grow into a long term business endeavor. I can also formulate an idea you have for your business and articulate it into a paragraph that you can use. I have experience posting ads on a daily basis to Craigslist, Indeed, Monster, Khaleej Times, Backpage, and MojoVillage.

I will publish an article describing your services for $5

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I can successfully write or describe you in an article that would look presentable to whichever audience you are trying to impress.

I will write promotional ratings on your products and services for $5

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I will Write a customized review on your product that you are trying to sell so the buying potential is a lot higher. The usual percentage of people that buy a product right away is only 3%. I have published reviews on google, yahoo, amazon, yelp, zillow, bing, (etc). I will increase your products buying potential to at least 5% from marketing expertise.