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Gigs by UseChaney

I will create PROFESSIONAL LOGO of your choice for $5

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I will create a professional, eye catching logo that can be used for almost any purposes whether online, for print, or to be placed in videos. Whether needed for a business card, flyer, or just a way to professionally advertise you can get a precise good standing logo ordering here!

I will make an INCREDIBLE video presentation for $5

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I will be creating an incredible visual introduction that includes displaying ten phototos of your very own, a title, and the creators name, which would be yours. This presentation can be used for many purposes such as an Egift, a slide show, an intro video, a project etc. Take a look at the example video for further explanation.

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I will write an original article on any subject you wish for $5

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These professional articles will be written by Chaney Ellis, who has received her associates degree in Mass Communications, and currenlty completing her bachelors and masters. The major requires extensive writing, and and also being an editor and writer for the universities paper, she has no problem writing original pieces of work on any subject in a fair amount of time. These articles may be up to 500 words, and be related in any area of work for example school work, entertainment news, magazine articles, critiques, reviews, for blogs and websites, etc.

I will be creating an amazing chain reaction introduction video that can be used for any purposes such as, beginning of slide shows, home videos, professional commercials, television series, or movies. In the video intro it will show the name of your production/project, and then a picture of your choice will form into an animated reaction following a sub-line phrase or title. Take a look at the example video for further explanation.

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