The Importance of Video for a Website

A website has one goal, provide information. This information is either knowledge for knowledges sake, or for making money. Either way, traffic needs to be generated and maintained. Several methods will drive traffic to the website, some more successful than others. Videos are effective for making a lasting impression.

Videos reach the greatest number of people in the least amount of time. Companies spend millions on thirty second messages. The Super Bowl generates millions in advertising revenues. Interest in this big game just for the commercials equals the event itself. High cost need not be deterrent in harnessing the power of video.

Effective communication can be done with a simple testimonial. There are two basic types of testimonial videos, opinion, and instructional. Opinions help potential clients see how current customers are treated. Instructional, or how-to’s, give important details on a product or service. Both can drive traffic to a website.

The opinion video takes several forms. One is that of the expert, lending his knowledge and expertise to the subject. A very useful tool if the content is technical in nature. Information from an expert lends credibility. That may be all that is necessary for some clients.

A second style, testimonials from current customers, is an option. Real people with good experiences adds a personal touch. Not superstars, just average people, relating their experiences with the product. People are relational, desire to see people just like themselves using a product. The personal touch humanizes the commercial nature of the internet.

The third technique is the product review. Best from typical users of the product, similar to a testimonial. A simple straightforward review of what to expect works well. Showing the product in real world situations, evaluating the performance based on that is what clients want to see. Honest evaluations, with pros and cons discussed, is the effective way to deal with the review. A good product review allows potential clients to see how the product has worked for others.

Instructional, or how-to’s can give important information in the least amount of time. Videos of this nature, show the usage of the particular item. They can reveal various aspects of the product, such as how to assemble, giving a visual guide. Instructional videos can show why an advertised item is better than the competition. Providing detailed information with media saves precious time, allowing the entrepreneur to focus on the business.

Why use video?

A good video presentation creates a memorable experience. Long after the Super Bowl is over, the commercials continue to gain a wider audience. Videos make a lasting impression. Society as a whole is visual, hence the success of television and movies as popular entertainment choices. The message from a video is more likely to stick with the viewer longer than print.

The importance of the testimonial can not stated enough. Video testimonies allow potential clients and customers to see firsthand how current ones are treated by the company. People relate to people, not business entities. In the world of internet commerce, it is tough to get face to face with the consumer. Videos are a window into the business and what it offers. It is difficult for customers to understand everything about a business. Videos make this a reality.

Social media is yet another avenue to reach potential buyers. There are different types of social outlets, each reaching a different group. Facebook is a well known tool used by millions. Companies have joined the phenomenon, gaining access to a vast market. Ease of use in communication is an attraction for most businesses. A simple like button on the website opens the portal of communication. Media is easily uploaded to a Facebook page directing traffic to the main website.

Twitter is an equally powerful tool. Working differently than Facebook, it is a viable communication medium. Tweets that direct buyers to the website are most effective. A simple link to a video lead customers to a testimonial about a product. Using Twitter is a simple, efficient means of driving traffic to a website. Twitter is a weapon no business owner should ignore.

When it comes to video, none compares to the range and scope of Youtube. Millions of videos are viewed each day on this site. Turning some of those viewers into clients is a goal of any media campaign. Nearly everyone has knowledge of what Youtube is. A virtual goldmine for potential business. Utilizing the power of video starts with Youtube.

The goal of the various social media outlets is to gain recognition, or branding. Ultimately, the desire is to have a video go viral. Easier to accomplish than it may appear to be. The secret to going viral is to have a unique video that connects with people quickly. Once a video goes viral the news of it will spread like wildfire. Done right there is a high probability of the message reaching viral status. The best way to create a video with this potential is to hire it done.

Hiring a freelance artist is a cost efficient measure. The trick is to hire the right person with the skills in social media video production. Someone who knows the ins and outs of the various social media. Finding this sort of talent is not that difficult. Sites like Gigbucks offers multiple choices from people familiar with how videos work. Outsourcing for this work is a good option for the website owner.

Video can be an essential tool that drives traffic to a website. Using social media to push the video into viral status is something that should not be ignored. Videos are an efficient way to get the word out to as many people as possible, with the least amount of expenditures. A site like Gigbucks is a resource for finding the right talent to create memorable videos for a lasting impression.