The Importance of Video for a Website

A website has one goal, provide information. This information is either knowledge for knowledges sake, or for making money. Either way, traffic needs to be generated and maintained. Several methods will drive traffic to the website, some more successful than others. Videos are effective for making a lasting impression.

Videos reach the greatest number of people in the least amount of time. Companies spend millions on thirty second messages. The Super Bowl generates millions in advertising revenues. Interest in this big game just for the commercials equals the event itself. High cost need not be deterrent in harnessing the power of video.

Effective communication can be done with a simple testimonial. There are two basic types of testimonial videos, opinion, and instructional. Opinions help potential clients see how current customers are treated. Instructional, or how-to’s, give important details on a product or service. Both can drive traffic to a website.

The opinion video takes several forms. One is that of the expert, lending his knowledge and expertise to the subject. A very useful tool if the content is technical in nature. Information from an expert lends credibility. That may be all that is necessary for some clients.

A second style, testimonials from current customers, is an option. Real people with good experiences adds a personal touch. Not superstars, just average people, relating their experiences with the product. People are relational, desire to see people just like themselves using a product. The personal touch humanizes the commercial nature of the internet.

The third technique is the product review. Best from typical users of the product, similar to a testimonial. A simple straightforward review of what to expect works well. Showing the product in real world situations, evaluating the performance based on that is what clients want to see. Honest evaluations, with pros and cons discussed, is the effective way to deal with the review. A good product review allows potential clients to see how the product has worked for others.

Instructional, or how-to’s can give important information in the least amount of time. Videos of this nature, show the usage of the particular item. They can reveal various aspects of the product, such as how to assemble, giving a visual guide. Instructional videos can show why an advertised item is better than the competition. Providing detailed information with media saves precious time, allowing the entrepreneur to focus on the business.

Why use video?

A good video presentation creates a memorable experience. Long after the Super Bowl is over, the commercials continue to gain a wider audience. Videos make a lasting impression. Society as a whole is visual, hence the success of television and movies as popular entertainment choices. The message from a video is more likely to stick with the viewer longer than print.

The importance of the testimonial can not stated enough. Video testimonies allow potential clients and customers to see firsthand how current ones are treated by the company. People relate to people, not business entities. In the world of internet commerce, it is tough to get face to face with the consumer. Videos are a window into the business and what it offers. It is difficult for customers to understand everything about a business. Videos make this a reality.

Social media is yet another avenue to reach potential buyers. There are different types of social outlets, each reaching a different group. Facebook is a well known tool used by millions. Companies have joined the phenomenon, gaining access to a vast market. Ease of use in communication is an attraction for most businesses. A simple like button on the website opens the portal of communication. Media is easily uploaded to a Facebook page directing traffic to the main website.

Twitter is an equally powerful tool. Working differently than Facebook, it is a viable communication medium. Tweets that direct buyers to the website are most effective. A simple link to a video lead customers to a testimonial about a product. Using Twitter is a simple, efficient means of driving traffic to a website. Twitter is a weapon no business owner should ignore.

When it comes to video, none compares to the range and scope of Youtube. Millions of videos are viewed each day on this site. Turning some of those viewers into clients is a goal of any media campaign. Nearly everyone has knowledge of what Youtube is. A virtual goldmine for potential business. Utilizing the power of video starts with Youtube.

The goal of the various social media outlets is to gain recognition, or branding. Ultimately, the desire is to have a video go viral. Easier to accomplish than it may appear to be. The secret to going viral is to have a unique video that connects with people quickly. Once a video goes viral the news of it will spread like wildfire. Done right there is a high probability of the message reaching viral status. The best way to create a video with this potential is to hire it done.

Hiring a freelance artist is a cost efficient measure. The trick is to hire the right person with the skills in social media video production. Someone who knows the ins and outs of the various social media. Finding this sort of talent is not that difficult. Sites like Gigbucks offers multiple choices from people familiar with how videos work. Outsourcing for this work is a good option for the website owner.

Video can be an essential tool that drives traffic to a website. Using social media to push the video into viral status is something that should not be ignored. Videos are an efficient way to get the word out to as many people as possible, with the least amount of expenditures. A site like Gigbucks is a resource for finding the right talent to create memorable videos for a lasting impression.

Great Jobs Opportunity for Stay at Home Moms!

Making money online just makes sense. It means you can have the income of a part-time job, without having to leave your children behind. The fact is, a part-time job is basically pointless if you have to pay for an expensive babysitter, because you come out even in the end! Further, an online job allows you to never miss the moments that are important. An online job is also extremely flexible, because it means that you can make money when you want to, and you can make as much money as you choose to. The amount of money you get back is always equal to the amount of effort you put in. Other jobs would set your hours for you, and demand that you come in at specific times that may not be appropriate for your family.

One of the best ways for stay at home moms to make money is freelance writing jobs. Freelance writing jobs are available in many places on the internet, and enable you to take direct control over when and how long you work. With freelance writing jobs, you can select an article that appeals to you and matches your knowledge, and then write and submit it on your own time. Most articles will either pay a flat rate, or a rate based on how many words you write. You can write for a wide variety of websites, such as blogs, or businesses looking to advertise online. The easiest way to become a freelance writer is to join a website that matches writers with the companies that need the articles. In this manner you’ll have a large pool of articles to choose from, and won’t have to do any footwork yourself.

You don’t have to be J.K. Rowling to be a freelance writer. Most freelance writers simply have a reliable command of grammar and an ability to interest their reader in their subject matter. Even better, as you continue writing you will continue to improve and learn more about the subjects that are popular online. You can even build your own customer base and have the clients coming to you! Many freelance writers even have full-time careers by writing on the internet, and it’s probably one of the easiest ways to make money online.

Video is becoming increasingly popular on the internet as internet speeds increase. While written reviews used to be popular, now almost everything features streaming internet video because it’s easier for the viewer to follow. Streaming video is also far more eye-catching, meaning that many advertisers want streaming video testimonials for their own websites. Anyone could be writing a review, but a video puts a face on the testimonial and connects it to a real, live person.

Because of all of this, making video testimonials is a great way for a stay at home mom to make money; all you need is a webcam and the ability to form a knowledgeable opinion about a product, service or experience. As a stay at home mom, you will also be considered more trustworthy than most, which means that your opinion is worth more to the audience.

Don’t be worried about being a beauty queen. People trust real people; they don’t want to see airbrushed models telling them why a product seems good because it seems fake. And don’t be worried about being an actor either; the whole point to video testimonials is to be honest and give your own opinion. All you need to be able to do is speak clearly and fluidly, memorize some simple scripts and be able to express your ideas with clarity and conviction.

When making a webcam video, remember to present yourself well. Wear business casual clothing, and keep the area that you are filming free of any distracting clutter. Practice your lines many times until you are certain that you have it down, and make sure that you watch your video over again at the end to catch any verbal mistakes or hesitations that you may have made. The more videos you make, the easier it will get!

Doing at-home transcription is also another great way to make money. With transcription, you listen to audio files and write down what people are saying. Transcription can pay quite a lot of money hourly, and almost anyone can do it. If you do want to do transcription, you should invest in a foot pedal and proper transcription software to make it easier and faster. There are many online transcription websites that will send you documents to transcribe on your own time.

Another way to make money is by creating websites and drawing visitors to it. Web traffic is a type of passive income, which is the type of income that most people want. Passive income is money that comes in without you doing a thing. Other types of passive income are investment income and interest income–the kind of income that eventually makes you wealthy. Making money from web traffic may be harder today than before, but it’s still possible, and it’s just a number’s game. The more websites you set up, the more your visitors will grow. Just set your websites up correctly, submit them to search engines, and wait for the money to come in.

The main way that web traffic gets you income is by serving ads. Each time an ad is served is called an impression, and every time someone actually clicks on the ad is called a click through. There are also other ways having a high traffic website can make you money. You can develop mailing lists that advertisers can use, or you can resell a product or a service that you like. There are limitless possibilities on the internet. There are many ways to make money with websites, and you can start learning about this amazing opportunity right now.

In today’s economy, every little bit helps. That means that the dollars you earn while being a stay at home mom are precious. Every dollar you make means better groceries on the table, more clothes for the kids, and, sometimes, even a little treat for yourself. Today, making money as a stay at home mom is easier than ever thanks to the magic of the internet. The internet brings a wealth of opportunities for making money straight into your own home, and with a little effort you too can start making money today doing something that you find fun and challenging.

Make Money Doing Video Testimonials From Home

Are you looking for a new job and a way to make money in order to offset what you’re currently making at your home job or even to turn it into a brand new career? If you are, it is possible to actually perform testimonial videos from your home, either in your spare time or whenever you have a free minute. You don’t need to have any sort of experience in order to this, you just need a camera and be able to talk in front of the camera. Companies are looking to pay individuals to create video testimonials from home in order to support their products, and if you are willing to do this, you can easily make money in order to help finance your home expenses.

There is a website known as Gigbucks. This website allows individuals to post services ranging anywhere from $5 to $50 per gig, depending on the services offered up. All of these different gigs are available for anyone to pay for the services. This is a rather low price for a business to utilize and it is rather profitable for them. This is because a recorded testimonial is able to be uploaded directly to the Internet on a variety of Social Media sites, such as Facebook, YouTube, Google+, Twitter and a variety of other sites. The more sites the video is uploaded to the more hits it receives and the more traffic it generates. this is all positive attention to the website and business, allowing it to profit more than what it paid for the video. Due to this, the companies are always on the look out for someone who is able to perform a video testimonial.

In order to list yourself online Gigbucks you just need to create a free account. This only takes a few minutes to do and in no time you have an account and are able to create job listings. When you decide to create a listing you simply select the “New Listing” option and fill out the required information, including what you are willing to record and how much you want for the video. This is up to you, as the less amount of money you charge the more offers you are going to receive, yet the more money you charge for a testimonial the less you have to do in order to make your desired amount of money. This is all up to you and it may require some experimentation in order to see what is going to work best for you and what is going to bring in the necessary hits and bids for you to stay successful.

There are some requirements and hardware you need to have in order to record the video testimonial. For starters, you need to have a video camera. You might find a high-quality Web camera built into the computer may prove the easiest to use, as it automatically saves the information directly to the hard drive of your computer, instead of having to manually record the information and upload it to the computer later. However, the external video cameras are going to provide higher quality. If you have an HD video camera, make sure to list this in your listing through the website. Businesses what high-quality video testimonials and you might be able to charge more for such a video. After you have recorded the video and uploaded it to the computer (if this is necessary), you need some sort of editing program. There are times where you are able to perform the video testimonial in one take, while other times you need to take different angles and perform different tasks for the testimonial. Due to this, you need an editing program in over to cut the video together. Most computers now come with a video editing program already preinstalled on the computer, as both Windows and Mac based systems have this feature. Even if you have never used the editing software before you are going to find it is possible to cut and splice the video together in only a few short minutes (the more often you edit videos the quicker it becomes to provide the finished product). After you have finished editing the files and have it all cut together you are ready to go with the upload.

Depending on the video you have to record you are generally going to talk about the product and review the content, software or material (in a positive light, of course). The business might have a script prepared for you or you might have to create a document of your own and have it overlooked before you created the video, just to make sure they approve of the information you are going to write about the information and business. Regardless, recording yourself is very important, so you must feel comfortable in front of the camera. If necessary, recording yourself multiple times is going to allow you to grow use to the video recording process.

At the completion of the video testimonial you just need to upload the content to the account and submit it to the buyer. When you have finished the product you receive the money. There really is no limit to the amount of videos you are able to do, you just need to have companies bid on you in order to create the video testimonials.

Before you begin placing your add up on Gigbucks, you need to look through the current offers for video testimonials and see if your services are comparable to what is already online. Although beating the other services is a good way to ensure business, if the company knows you are able to provide a higher quality product, they are more likely to go with you. When it comes to representing a company, they are generally going to be more willing to pay a little extra, as the higher quality videos are going to prove more effective and bring in the most amount of hits back to the company.

Web Traffic to Your Website Quick & Easy!

As a website owner, you are probably looking for ways to gain more traffic for your website. There are always innovative ways, and over the years, some things have quit working due to updates in the Google search engines. However, there are still some key methods that have been working since the Internet began. These methods will not only give your website an edge over the competition, but they could be one of things that help you to succeed with Internet marketing.

How Do You Use To Gain Traffic?

It is quite simple, really. All you have to do is go to and type into the search bar Traffic What will come up is hundreds of offers from freelancers who are looking to help people with services for gaining Internet traffic to their website. Gigbucks is a freelancing micro-jobs website that allows for freelancers to receive pay for their talents. What is nice about this is it also gives customers a place to visit for services. Especially if you do not know of anywhere else to visit, can really help you.

You will find different methods of receiving traffic being offered by different people. Your best bet is to find someone who has done many jobs before and who has continuously received positive feedback. This ensures that your money will not go to waste when you hire someone. Gigbucks is a website that is focused on bringing the most talented freelancers to customers. You can receive great services for a fraction of what you would pay elsewhere.

What Do You Have To Pay At

The price range varies depending on the job and person, but you will never pay more than $50 for a job at Gigbucks. The lowest that you can expect to pay is around $5. The price will depend on who you try to hire, and what type of service is being asked for. However, you find some of the most outstanding deals on this website, and it improves your business so much that it is completely worth it.

Your Security Is Our First Concern

We believe that a customer should always be satisfied with a service before they have to pay for that service. This is why we do not require you to pay for a job until it has been approved by you. Gigbucks is company that believes in making sure that the customer is satisfied above all. If you are not satisfied with the services, then we believe in helping you to resolve your issues.

More Traffic Means More Money

Some people are not willing to invest a little money into their business because of a short-term mindset. As a talented entrepreneur, it is important not to fall into the trap of wanting to save too much money. Big companies pay millions of dollars in advertisements for one major reason–it works! If you want your website to succeed, then you have to think like you are already a big website. What do those big website do that you are not doing? For one thing, they are probably investing more money on Internet traffic because that investment will more than triple itself later on.

Web Traffic To Your Website Quick And Easy

As a website owner, you have probably been thinking of ways to bring in more traffic. You work hard all the time trying to drag in more traffic, but it seems like nothing works. In these situations, it is sometimes better to go out and hire a freelancer who knows how to get traffic to your website. Gigbucks is a great place to visit for freelancers who have expertise in this field.

Relying On Your Own Expertise

You might be wondering why no one is visiting your website, and in these situations, you have to wonder if it is simply a lack of knowledge. You see, many talented freelancers on have dedicated their life to a certain field. When you work on something day in and day out, that is when true talent is going to shine through. People who work with that level of dedication have learned secrets that the dabblers will miss out on. This is why it is critical to visit Gigbucks instead of relying on your own expertise. Your bank account will thank you.

Run Your Business Like It Is A Business

You start to see improvements in your business when you run it like a business. What is the goal of any successful business? The goal of any successful business is to grow bigger and stronger. To make their products better so that they can serve their customers in a more efficient manner. Investing in website traffic is one way to help customers find your website.

The more traffic that is on your website, the more chances you will have to earn money off that traffic. It is a win-win situation for everyone who is involved. Running your business with the mindset of constantly improving your business (E.g. buying more traffic) is going to pay off large dividends in the future.

Gaining More Traffic From

The great thing about hiring someone from is they are freelancers. This means that you have someone who is going to give you their undivided attention. Big firms who help with web traffic oftentimes have multiple people working on a single job, and those people make mistakes because of a lack of understanding. It is more up close and personal when you hire a freelancer. You can also feel good about yourself knowing that you are helping a freelancer to put food on the table.

What does it take to have more Web traffic for your website? Well, it takes a talented freelancer and some of the most talented freelancers are at The services you receive will improve your website several times over, and an improved website is going to mean that you will earn more money from that website. What is there not to love about Gigbucks?

Make Money With Your Freelance Writing Skills

Unemployment is high right now. Unfortunately, the economy is not improving as quickly as people would hope. For this reason, a lot of people want to make money any way they can. One way people try to make money online is to write content. A lot of the ways to make money online are not legitimate and are nothing but thinly veiled scams. Luckily, there is a website called Gigbucks that can help. Gigbucks is a perfect site for freelancers to offer their services to small business owners all over the world. One of the best ways to make money on is to offer writing services.

Here are seven reasons why you should sign up for to sell your writing.

With Gigbucks it is easy to get started. As a contractor, you can sign up, and start offering your services. Other content creation sites often take too long to get started, not so with As a writer, you could sign up in the morning and start writing for clients by the afternoon. To make money online it is crucial to hit the ground running and that is where excels.

As a content writer, you know that small business owners seek a wide range of content. Some business owners want articles; others want blog posts while others want a whole site created. At you can sell your services to people seeking your specialty. If you are good at writing blog posts, you can write blog posts if you are good at product reviews you can do that. At you can write in more than one style of writing, and as a writer, you should know how valuable that is.

One of the greatest things about Gigbucks is the simplicity to find clients. As a content writer, you know how difficult it is to find clients. has willing and ready clients, who want to buy your content. As a content writer, you should concentrate on writing content, not looking for customers. Many content writers do poorly as they spend all of their time looking for clients. There is a section on gigbucks for website owners seeking writers, which makes it easy to find clients.

Not only do independent writers waste time looking for business, they often waste time dealing with clients. Gigbucks takes care of all the hard and tedious work. All you need to do is write content and will take care of the rest. protects both the buyer and seller, so there will never be problems with payments. Clients can be difficult, at you can concentrate on writing while deals with the client issues.

Many content writers spend too much time away from home. If you offer content to local businesses, the business owners often want you to work in their office. Gigbucks allows you to work from anywhere in the world. This means, as a writer; you can write while on vacation or from the comfort of your own home. Many people want to work from home, and writing content on is a perfect way to work without ever setting foot in an office.

Writing intimidates a lot of people. In reality, to write for Gigbucks you do not need to have an English degree. In fact, if you can write in English, you can write for Keep in mind of course, the better you write, the more money you will make. As a content writer on, you want to create readable and engaging content. Of course, you should understand basic grammar rules and strive to provide exceptional content.

Content writing can sometimes be stressful. Gigbucks takes away a lot of the stress involved with being a writer. As an independent contractor, you can write when you feel like writing. There are always plenty of gigs available on gigbucks; you can login and find work at any time. On the other hand, when you want to take a vacation or a day off, you have no obligation to work. If you write content on your own, you know how powerful this is. A lot of content writers who work independently stress over deadlines and difficult clients. Of course, if you do accept an assignment on you should complete it in a timely manner. With you can take on work when you want, and relax at other times.

When you are jobless, or just seeking to make more money, is the perfect place to make money. As a content writer, you can make as serious amount of money on gigbucks. If you want to make money from the comfort of your own home, you need to sign up at You should start making money with from the beginning. As you hone your skills, you can make a substantial living with Gigbucks.

What’s the difference between Gigbucks and oDesk?

gigbucks vs odeskFreelance work is becoming a massive outlet of success for many people. The reasons are obvious. One is the notorious and expansive growth of the Internet, making instantaneous networking across the globe all the more viable by the day. Another key aspect is the nearly unlimited mass of “categories” and areas of freelance, and as the web expands, the demand for creative work follows. Gigbucks is a quickly growing micro-job site, gaining some true longevity through excellent marketing and a top-tier service. oDesk is similar, but has been around longer, finding an established audience of credible workers. They are, in essence, freelance job websites where people buy and sell services relating to the web and other accompanying areas. Both are worth exploring for the creative and freelance oriented minds.

What’s the difference between Gigbucks and oDesk?

They both have pros and cons, but there is a relatively clear-cut winner. I have analyzed both sites, and have experienced both sites first hand (extensively), and I have come to a few conclusions in some key categories.


What any buyer and seller want to know up front is the quality of the work. What is the quality of the work I will receive as a buyer, and what is the quality of work I can hope to complete as a freelancer? Of course, the spectrum is massive, and both sites hit almost all areas of expertise and quality. Gigbucks tends to lean a bit closer to one-time deals, for example, a single project. oDesk offers a bit more versatility when it comes to long-term projects. But the long-term projects are upfront. Meaning a buyer is looking for a long-term “contract” work. This can be imposing for someone looking to just test the waters. With that said, many Gigbucks projects grow into something much greater over time, without that initial requirement on a freelancers end. In my experience, a one-off Gigbucks project easily turns into a long-term effort if you provide quality, and you are comfortable with the work and the pay.

Price Range:

The price range of Gigbucks is set at $5-$50. This, at first brush, seems disadvantageous. You do not want to be constrained by a specific pay rate. It is sort of like the standard and required tip percent. Sure, 15% required is acceptable, but what about those who tip 30%? Regardless, the system is almost certainly a pretty solid advantage. The main reason is due to the confined nature of payments, knowing you are doing the work and getting a steady price as any other worker. It also helps that those with work aren’t underbidding, and buyers aren’t underselling. Gigbucks also has a service in effect which allows easy reoccurring payments, and the confined price range makes it easier for Gigbucks to track where the money is going. When it is all said and done, it ultimately helps you. oDesk is far more varied, with projects ranging from $5 to $5,000. This variability allows many individuals to grossly underbid, and it allows freelancers to do the work for measly prices, and take projects away from you for ridiculously low rates. I have come across 1,000 articles with a $1 payment, which is ludicrous for any focused freelancer. Unfortunately, people do the work for those prices, driving all the rates down across the board at oDesk.


Competition is an inevitable result of freelancing, but oDesk’s established reputation makes the competition steeper and more imposing, as opposed to Gigbucks growing base of users.


One of the major key aspects of freelancing is the support on the sources end. Both websites offer pretty competent support. If you have a concern, it is usually answered and responded to within 24 hours. But Gigbucks seemingly has a team of users hitting refresh on messages in their inbox, as I have yet to not get a response, even to troubling issues, within 8 hours. oDesk may respond the next day, but there is no beating the immediacy of Gigbucks respect to their writers. I have obtained a response within an hour from Gigbucks. Both sites have extensive protective measures, but it is comforting to see the sites, Gigbucks in particular, follow through from that with their approachable support system.


oDesk does have a slant towards international workers. This could be effective in that it brings in more work across the globe, but it is also troubling. One reason is the time zone, often ranging by a whole day. This causes issues with deadlines and communication lapses that could make a seemingly smooth communication, jagged and inherently ineffective. It also allows for lapses in payment, miscommunication, and ranges in price for projects. It also increases the competition exponentially, and only in a way that brings prices for projects down. Gigbucks is not solely based in the States, but it is overwhelming so, and it makes the process more fluid, fair, and accessible.

Both oDesk and Gigbucks can exist and find users. They have various features which flesh out the freelancer’s options, and it would be unwise, as a writer, to wish one to go away entirely. As an experienced freelancer, you know the more options the better and both sites are competent enough to continue striving towards. Ultimately, Gigbucks is a more fluid service. Their support system is unrivaled. The price for the work is more stable, and the competition is lessened due to a growing audience as opposed to a purging audience.

Gigbucks is an impeccable service, and one of the main reasons is their desire to compete against the many other freelance sites available. By being efficient and superior, they have earned their growing audience.

Low Budget Drupal Installation & Customizations

If you’re getting ready to start building your first website with Drupal, you are surely not alone. There are many people out there who have gotten started building their first web site with Drupal’s content management system and overall this is one of the easiest and most effective ways for building a website of any size and in any field.

The truth is, building a website can be much easier than you ever thought possible. While many people think that building a website is tedious and cumbersome, the truth is building a website or many websites can be very fast and easy when you have the best tools.

One of the best tools for building a website is Drupal, and many people use Drupal to build very high quality websites even if they have little or no experience when it comes to building websites!

Drupal Distributions And Features

Drupal offers a wide variety of distributions and features that make it very easy to build your own website successfully. Many people simply do not realize that they can get professional and incredible website templates at Drupal. These website templates are of the highest quality and they can help anyone get started building their own website!

The key to building a website with Drupal is choosing your Drupal distribution, having it installed and having it configured for your website! There are many different themes, modules, libraries and installation profiles to choose from and Drupal offers a very wide and high quality selection when it comes to choosing what it best for your particular website.

Having Drupal Installations And Customizations Done By Freelancers

When people are installing and customizing Drupal for their particular website, many people decide to have a professional programmer do it for them. While this can have its benefits, the truth is that professional programmers are very expensive and they don’t always do the best job.

Paying a professional programmer can be much more than you’re looking to spend and it’s for a relatively simple service if you have the knowledge of what you’re doing. Professional programmers sometimes charge extra for customizing Drupal software once it is installed and this makes for extra costs and fees in the long run. These extra costs and fees can sometimes add up to a a lot of money and this isn’t good when you’re first getting started up with a website of your own.

An alternative to using professional and very expensive programmers to install and customize Drupal is to use freelancers. Great freelancers, such as the ones at GigBucks, can in install and customize Drupal for you at a much lower price than professional and very expensive programmers.

When you go to GigBucks, you will find a huge list of free lancers who are ready to do the work for you for a much lower price. While programmers would likely charge hundreds of dollars for the same work as well as extra fees and payments for specific customizations and changes once Drupal is already installed, using freelancers at GigBucks is very cheap and potentially even more effective!

What GigBucks Offers

GigBucks is a freelancer micro jobs website where people buy and sell a variety of services. There are many very talented and very experienced programmers on who are willing to do the work very cheap. The truth is, having Drupal installed and customized is fairly simple if you know what you’re doing, and the freelancers at will do it for you without charging you a very high price.

GigBucks offers one of the best methods for connecting freelancers with their work and it offers an easy way to contact freelancers, pay them, ask them questions and send them messages.

Get Started Searching For Freelancers At

Once you’ve decided to use GigBucks to find experienced and very talented freelancers to have Drupal installed for you, it’s time to start searching for freelancers on the website.

Searching for freelancers and specific gigs or types of gigs is very easy on GigBucks and they pride themselves on making it easy for people to search for and find what they’re looking for fast.

When you search and browse the specific categories on GigBucks, you will find hundreds of different categories and different freelancers that are willing to do work for you, all at an excellent price. Simply search for what you’re looking for at, type in some details and you will be able to quickly and easily find what you’re looking for!

Find The Best Freelancers & Contact Them With Any Questions That You May Have

Once you’ve checked out GigBucks, it’s time to find freelancers and get started. Finding the best freelancers to do your installation and customization for Drupal can be very easy. Simply check out the freelancers who are in that field or offering those types of gigs, then read their reviews and their ratings to get a great idea of how high quality their services are.

Once you’ve chosen a freelancer or several freelancers, you can send them quick messages to ask them any specific questions that you may have about the job and about the specific services that they’re offering!

Using The Escrow Service To Pay Freelancers On

Unlike other websites that have unstable and insecure payment methods, GigBucks offers one of the best methods and models around. You can pay freelancers through an escrow service with

An escrow service is one of the best and most effective ways for paying freelance workers online because you can submit the payment ahead of time, however the freelancers won’t receive the payment until the work is completed to your liking! This assures that you get your customization and installation exactly the way that you want it and the freelancers get their payments once the work is complete!

Sign Up And Get Started At

Signing up and getting started at GigBucks is fast, easy and free! Simply sign up and use the “Add Want” or “Add Gig” features to get started with your gig! Also, you can begin by browsing the particular freelancers and the particular jobs and gigs that are already listed on GigBucks!

Micro Jobs: Online Jobs of the Future?

Micro Jobs: Online Jobs of the Future?Micro jobs pop up all around the internet and continue to provide additional income to many people from around the world. Micro jobs usually means that one is hired to do small tasks that take no longer than a few minutes. With these very popular micro jobs popping up all over the internet, many people have the desire to work from a platform that is secure, reliable and consistently bringing in the money.

Gigbucks is a freelancer micro jobs website where people buy and sell services, such programming, website design, web development and minor jobs that can be done in a small amount of time. This versatile platform offers members a ton of different ways to interact from selling, to buying to hiring.

The great thing about a website like Gigbucks is that members are able to sell anything from $5-$50 bucks. Micro jobs allows people to earn money online quickly. And the best thing is that all transactions are safe and secure, making the entire experience productive.

Never Heard Of Micro Jobs?

Micro jobs are jobs that are posted online for micro workers to complete. Many companies tend to have smaller jobs that they wish to outsource to people who will do them for a smaller amount of pay. A person wanting to do any type of micro job only needs a computer and the internet.

What do these micro jobs consist of? The fun part about making money with micro jobs is that you never really know what you are going to get. Micro workers can earn money by commenting on blogs, posting links or commenting on Youtube videos. The versatile amount of jobs is what makes micro working such a great field to get into. It allows people to specialize in a particular job or expand their expertise into other areas. Micro working aims to solve a problem, supply and demand is something micro jobs have been known for. Which means that it may be a little harder to stick to one particular field, and actually make a decent amount of money.

Which micro jobs pay the best money?

Of course you can make money doing just about anything when it comes to micro jobs. But the idea behind taking on a micro job is to make a decent amount of money. Article writing has been known to be one of the best micro jobs. There are many workers who are making a nice supplemental income from article writing on Gigbucks. And many of Gigbucks clients continue to look for writers who can deliver their requests with high turn arounds, and excellent quality.

How to Be successful with Micro Jobs

Working micro jobs may sound easy but there are a few things to keep in mind when working on Anyone can create a profile and any one can take on a job. But not just anyone can become successful when it comes to micro jobs. Taking on these types of jobs takes persistence and dedication. Creating a profile on is the first step to starting a micro job career. Making sure that your profile is complete and have all of the right information can potentially help you find loyal customers who may be interested in long term work.

Search or browse the categories to get an idea of what other sellers are selling, and what jobs are being offered.Be sure that you understand the type of job you are choosing. Many companies expect for their posted jobs to be done in withing a few hours. Building your reputation on will help you grow into a successful freelancer. As long as you take your work seriously and turn in the tasks in by the deadline will keep clients interested in your work.

It may seem as if there is no money in micro jobs but the idea of being successful, means to set yourself apart from everyone else on the website. Being active in online discussions, talking to others and offering services that other people actually really need.Another way is to make sure that you offer your customers great customer service. Give them something to remember so that they choose you over everyone else on Clients can rate and review your work, helping you build the feedback needed to build a strong client base.

The idea behind the entire base line is to utilize gigs to promote your skills. As a member you can post your services, name your price and sit back and wait. When someone is interested in what you have to offer, they will hire you. Users can sell just about anything, just as long as it’s legal and complies with the terms and agreements. Even though this way of posting takes a little more time when it comes to earning, it’s deem to be more profitable, since you actually are the one setting the price.

Finding a micro job on Gigbucks is extremely simple. It can give your freelancing career the type of leverage needed to make a decent supplemental income. Starting the process is easy, sign up free to Gigbucks to get started.

Elance vs Gigbucks Review

Gigbucks vs Elance ReviewFreelance job sites create enormous cost savings for businesses or anyone just looking for a service, and gives people who have talent and are looking for work a broad place to advertise their service on the internet. Freelancer sites open up an entire new world of exchanging business where you will always be able to find exactly what you want at the best price with the click of a button. I love freelance web sites because they are innovative and effective. In this article I will review two top notch freelance web sites: Gigbucks and Elance. You will learn the facts about both sites, how they compare, and which is worth your while.

Gigbucks and Elance are freelance web sites where anyone can buy and sell services. These sites will grant you access to a variety of talent from writers to tech guru and you will be able to find any service imaginable such as logo and website design, advertising, video editing, social media marketing, video testimonials and programming. You can even find expert tips and advice to give you a boost.

Now let us explore the differences of freelance web sites Gigbucks and Elance. Both are sure to get the job done, but each web site has its differences in the overall experience you will have using them. Elance has a very sleek look when you first open their page and is easy and simple to use. You will be greeted with the option to choose to find talent, find work, or post your job. You can post your job for free if you are talent. If you are looking for talent, you will only pay for the service after you approve the quality of the work done. Elance is overall quick and easy to use. Gigbucks is also easy and quick to use with clear and easy to use options upon entering the site. Gigbucks is more colorful than Elance and has a more fun vibe in general, which I like. Gigbucks also has posts from workers visible as soon as you enter the site so you can start browsing right away. If you are wanting to post your service, there is an option “add a gig” on the front page so you can get right down to business. Another thing I liked about Gigbucks is that they feature the option to “add a want” so that Gigbucks users can offer their say on what services they want to buy. This gives an advantage both buyers and sellers because they can be more in sync with each other.

Now for a more in depth look at these web sites. Read on for a comparison of Gigbucks and Elance in terms of price range, competition, quality, services offered, and support. Below they are listed in bullet points for easy reading!

Price Range

We will cover price range first because it is, in my opinion, most important and can be a deal breaker for some people. For sellers, both Gigbucks and Elance let you post your services completely free. For buyers, the game between the two has a slight variance. With Elance, sellers have the ability to charge whatever price they want for their service. While this may be an advantage for sellers, it has been shown to cause prices for talent on Elance rise much higher than Gigbucks. Not only are businesses going to be paying more with Elance, but they will do so for the same services they could get on Gigbucks. With Gigbucks, there is a set price range: $5 to $50. This makes pricing simpler, cheaper, more straight forward, and the buyer will always know exactly what they are getting with no surprises or hassle in the end. Plus, Gigbucks offers a recurring payment option for those who buy or sell a service that recurs every week or month.


Now onto competition. Gigbucks is a smaller site with less sellers. While Elance has more sellers and is bigger, there remains the question if that is actually beneficial for users. In this area, I would have to say that the bigger pool of competition poses an obstacle for sellers. Because there are so many more sellers on Elance, it makes it more difficult for people looking for work to actually get the jobs they are posting. On Gigbucks, the seller is much more likely to obtain customers.


The quality of gigs and talent in both Gigbucks and Elance have shown to be the same. Both have great ratings on the services that are offered on their site and have great customer satisfaction and approval. Both Gigbucks and Elance also have no-obligation buyer protection that prevents buyers from losing money.

Services Offered

Gigbucks and Elance both offer an array of services. Buyers can find whatever they are looking for on both sites from social media marketing to video editing. Elance has more international traffic on their site whereas Gigbucks has a higher percentage of traffic from within the United States.


In the area of user support, Gigbucks and Elance show a notable difference. To compare the speed and quality of support between the two sites, I submitted the question “How can I change my user name?” to each site. Elance took 13 hours to respond, and Gigbucks only took four. Because Elance is a much bigger site, they do not have the high standard quality of user support that Gigbucks has.

The overall review of Elance versus Gigbucks shows that both freelance sites offer great quality and are easy to use. However in my experience, I prefer the set pricing that Gigbucks offers making their services cheaper and the better quality of user support. My overall experience using Gigbucks was better because the site is smaller, easier to use and cheaper.

Low Budget Joomla Installation & Customizations

Whether you want to launch a website for your business or even a personal blog of your own, it is possible to do so with Joomla, a free and advanced CMS (content management system) with nearly unlimited customization possibilities. If you want to launch your website with Joomla but you are unsure of how to get started, it is possible to do so with the help of professionals right from home, regardless of the budget you have available to spend on investing in your site.

What is Joomla?

Joomla is a free content management system that provides an extensive administration panel to easily update, share and promote new content, products and services you want to share with your audience and those who visit your website. Joomla allows for customized themes, layouts and color schemes to easily blend with your website’s brand or logo depending on the plans you have in mind for your site. Joomla allows various formats of websites to showcase content in picture format, Flash format and in different text formats as well to fit any type of site and its purpose.

Who Can Use Joomla

Any type of web owner whether you are planning to sell products and services commercially or a personal blog has the ability to benefit from installing Joomla. Installing Joomla on any website is a way to help with not only attracting new potential customers, but it can also help to boost your website’s overall visibility within popular search engines such as Yahoo!, Bing and Google. Joomla is designed for both small business and blog websites along with high-traffic websites, as it programmed and optimized for any amount of traffic and page views. Using Joomla is recommended for websites that simply want to gain an audience or a network of members as well as those who also want to generate a profit from online sales.

How to Install Joomla Without Experience

Installing Joomla for your own website does not require you to learn Joomla yourself and it does not require you to hire professional web designers or programmers that may cost you upwards of $1000. Instead, there is another method of installing Joomla and even customizing your site to fit your brand and purpose for just $5. With the use of Gigbucks, an online community of professionals and experienced users who offer and provide services for just $5, you can easily have your website installed and properly configured with the use of Joomla. Many professionals on Gigbucks offer their services for just $5 with a set list of features and options to choose from before they begin to work on your site.

The Benefits of Utilizing Gigbucks

Working with Gigbucks can ultimately save you time and money when it comes to creating the site you have in mind all for just $5. Regardless of the type of web host you have and the size of your website, an installation of Joomla can allow you to easily manage all of the content you want to share while quickly communicating with visitors and registered members of your site as well.

It is also possible to find service providers that not only provide basic installations of Joomla, but that also provide customized or pre-made templates and layouts for you to use on your own website as well. Seeking out professionals who help to add content or transfer content from a previous website of yours to your new Joomla installation will help to make the transition onto a new site much easier.

Features of Gigbucks

Gigbucks features the ability to search for professionals and services based on keywords as well as by customer ratings and reviews. Before you choose a professional service to help with installing a copy of Joomla for your website, you can read real reviews left from past customers and members of the community to ensure you are able to receive the quality service you have in mind.

Gigbucks also allows members of the community to easily contact sellers and providers of services with inquiries and any questions that you may have before you make a purchase or exchange personal information in order to allow the professionals to install Joomla properly for you. Having the ability to have a dialogue with those you plan to work with will allow you to get comfortable with the professionals you select to gain access to your web host and all of your website’s files even before you begin the project. You can also discuss deadlines and when you plan to have the installation of Joomla complete with various providers of services on GigBucks before you make your decision on the company or professional you would like to pay for the job.

Paying for Services With GigBucks

A major concern of shopping online for services provided by others is the security of making payments and ensuring the services you ordered are delivered. With Gigbucks, users have the ability to utilize GigBuck’s own escrow service. By paying into an escrow service, the provider of any type of service that is offered does not receive his or her funds even after the project is completed until the buyer confirms the work is complete and that the job is satisfactory as well. By utilizing an escrow service, there is no chance of losing out of one’s money and it also ensures that providers of services are not taking advantage of their buyers as well.

How to Get Started With Gigbucks

Getting started with Gigbucks is as simple as visiting the site to register to become a member of the online community. Once you are a member of Gigbucks yourself, you can then begin to search for the type of services you need to help you with installing Joomla and launching your website online. You can also message and communicate with the providers of Gigbucks to help with determining who is best-suited for the type of Joomla installation you are interested in for your own website. Browsing providers by reviews and ratings can help you easily pinpoint high-quality providers based on the job details you have in mind.