Make Money Doing Video Testimonials From Home

Are you looking for a new job and a way to make money in order to offset what you’re currently making at your home job or even to turn it into a brand new career? If you are, it is possible to actually perform testimonial videos from your home, either in your spare time or whenever you have a free minute. You don’t need to have any sort of experience in order to this, you just need a camera and be able to talk in front of the camera. Companies are looking to pay individuals to create video testimonials from home in order to support their products, and if you are willing to do this, you can easily make money in order to help finance your home expenses.

There is a website known as Gigbucks. This website allows individuals to post services ranging anywhere from $5 to $50 per gig, depending on the services offered up. All of these different gigs are available for anyone to pay for the services. This is a rather low price for a business to utilize and it is rather profitable for them. This is because a recorded testimonial is able to be uploaded directly to the Internet on a variety of Social Media sites, such as Facebook, YouTube, Google+, Twitter and a variety of other sites. The more sites the video is uploaded to the more hits it receives and the more traffic it generates. this is all positive attention to the website and business, allowing it to profit more than what it paid for the video. Due to this, the companies are always on the look out for someone who is able to perform a video testimonial.

In order to list yourself online Gigbucks¬†you just need to create a free account. This only takes a few minutes to do and in no time you have an account and are able to create job listings. When you decide to create a listing you simply select the “New Listing” option and fill out the required information, including what you are willing to record and how much you want for the video. This is up to you, as the less amount of money you charge the more offers you are going to receive, yet the more money you charge for a testimonial the less you have to do in order to make your desired amount of money. This is all up to you and it may require some experimentation in order to see what is going to work best for you and what is going to bring in the necessary hits and bids for you to stay successful.

There are some requirements and hardware you need to have in order to record the video testimonial. For starters, you need to have a video camera. You might find a high-quality Web camera built into the computer may prove the easiest to use, as it automatically saves the information directly to the hard drive of your computer, instead of having to manually record the information and upload it to the computer later. However, the external video cameras are going to provide higher quality. If you have an HD video camera, make sure to list this in your listing through the website. Businesses what high-quality video testimonials and you might be able to charge more for such a video. After you have recorded the video and uploaded it to the computer (if this is necessary), you need some sort of editing program. There are times where you are able to perform the video testimonial in one take, while other times you need to take different angles and perform different tasks for the testimonial. Due to this, you need an editing program in over to cut the video together. Most computers now come with a video editing program already preinstalled on the computer, as both Windows and Mac based systems have this feature. Even if you have never used the editing software before you are going to find it is possible to cut and splice the video together in only a few short minutes (the more often you edit videos the quicker it becomes to provide the finished product). After you have finished editing the files and have it all cut together you are ready to go with the upload.

Depending on the video you have to record you are generally going to talk about the product and review the content, software or material (in a positive light, of course). The business might have a script prepared for you or you might have to create a document of your own and have it overlooked before you created the video, just to make sure they approve of the information you are going to write about the information and business. Regardless, recording yourself is very important, so you must feel comfortable in front of the camera. If necessary, recording yourself multiple times is going to allow you to grow use to the video recording process.

At the completion of the video testimonial you just need to upload the content to the account and submit it to the buyer. When you have finished the product you receive the money. There really is no limit to the amount of videos you are able to do, you just need to have companies bid on you in order to create the video testimonials.

Before you begin placing your add up on Gigbucks, you need to look through the current offers for video testimonials and see if your services are comparable to what is already online. Although beating the other services is a good way to ensure business, if the company knows you are able to provide a higher quality product, they are more likely to go with you. When it comes to representing a company, they are generally going to be more willing to pay a little extra, as the higher quality videos are going to prove more effective and bring in the most amount of hits back to the company.