Low Budget Joomla Installation & Customizations

Whether you want to launch a website for your business or even a personal blog of your own, it is possible to do so with Joomla, a free and advanced CMS (content management system) with nearly unlimited customization possibilities. If you want to launch your website with Joomla but you are unsure of how to get started, it is possible to do so with the help of professionals right from home, regardless of the budget you have available to spend on investing in your site.

What is Joomla?

Joomla is a free content management system that provides an extensive administration panel to easily update, share and promote new content, products and services you want to share with your audience and those who visit your website. Joomla allows for customized themes, layouts and color schemes to easily blend with your website’s brand or logo depending on the plans you have in mind for your site. Joomla allows various formats of websites to showcase content in picture format, Flash format and in different text formats as well to fit any type of site and its purpose.

Who Can Use Joomla

Any type of web owner whether you are planning to sell products and services commercially or a personal blog has the ability to benefit from installing Joomla. Installing Joomla on any website is a way to help with not only attracting new potential customers, but it can also help to boost your website’s overall visibility within popular search engines such as Yahoo!, Bing and Google. Joomla is designed for both small business and blog websites along with high-traffic websites, as it programmed and optimized for any amount of traffic and page views. Using Joomla is recommended for websites that simply want to gain an audience or a network of members as well as those who also want to generate a profit from online sales.

How to Install Joomla Without Experience

Installing Joomla for your own website does not require you to learn Joomla yourself and it does not require you to hire professional web designers or programmers that may cost you upwards of $1000. Instead, there is another method of installing Joomla and even customizing your site to fit your brand and purpose for just $5. With the use of Gigbucks, an online community of professionals and experienced users who offer and provide services for just $5, you can easily have your website installed and properly configured with the use of Joomla. Many professionals on Gigbucks offer their services for just $5 with a set list of features and options to choose from before they begin to work on your site.

The Benefits of Utilizing Gigbucks

Working with Gigbucks can ultimately save you time and money when it comes to creating the site you have in mind all for just $5. Regardless of the type of web host you have and the size of your website, an installation of Joomla can allow you to easily manage all of the content you want to share while quickly communicating with visitors and registered members of your site as well.

It is also possible to find service providers that not only provide basic installations of Joomla, but that also provide customized or pre-made templates and layouts for you to use on your own website as well. Seeking out professionals who help to add content or transfer content from a previous website of yours to your new Joomla installation will help to make the transition onto a new site much easier.

Features of Gigbucks

Gigbucks features the ability to search for professionals and services based on keywords as well as by customer ratings and reviews. Before you choose a professional service to help with installing a copy of Joomla for your website, you can read real reviews left from past customers and members of the community to ensure you are able to receive the quality service you have in mind.

Gigbucks also allows members of the community to easily contact sellers and providers of services with inquiries and any questions that you may have before you make a purchase or exchange personal information in order to allow the professionals to install Joomla properly for you. Having the ability to have a dialogue with those you plan to work with will allow you to get comfortable with the professionals you select to gain access to your web host and all of your website’s files even before you begin the project. You can also discuss deadlines and when you plan to have the installation of Joomla complete with various providers of services on GigBucks before you make your decision on the company or professional you would like to pay for the job.

Paying for Services With GigBucks

A major concern of shopping online for services provided by others is the security of making payments and ensuring the services you ordered are delivered. With Gigbucks, users have the ability to utilize GigBuck’s own escrow service. By paying into an escrow service, the provider of any type of service that is offered does not receive his or her funds even after the project is completed until the buyer confirms the work is complete and that the job is satisfactory as well. By utilizing an escrow service, there is no chance of losing out of one’s money and it also ensures that providers of services are not taking advantage of their buyers as well.

How to Get Started With Gigbucks

Getting started with Gigbucks is as simple as visiting the site to register to become a member of the online community. Once you are a member of Gigbucks yourself, you can then begin to search for the type of services you need to help you with installing Joomla and launching your website online. You can also message and communicate with the providers of Gigbucks to help with determining who is best-suited for the type of Joomla installation you are interested in for your own website. Browsing providers by reviews and ratings can help you easily pinpoint high-quality providers based on the job details you have in mind.