Gigbucks Review: Gigbucks Not A Scam According To 2,268 New Members

Gigbucks is not a scam according to 2,268 new members in the month of August 2014. Here is a review of activity on Gigbucks:

“Out of over 2,000 new members in August, we have zero unsatisfied customers”.

“After 1000 transactions last month, less than 1% raised a dispute and all of them either got their money back or their orders were eventually completed successfully”.

“We are working hard at keeping our buyers and sellers satisfied – we only earn a commission if an order is placed and successfully delivered, so our interests are completely aligned with our users.”

“Our goal is to continue to attract more buyers who are looking for small jobs that can be completed quickly, while at the same time, helping freelancers generate income to support themselves and their families.”

“Our service provides an on-ramp for many new business professionals, freelancers, business builders, and creative types. While I admit $5 is a small amount, sometimes you can be surprised at what you can achieve. New business relationships have to start small.”

“We are getting ready to implement a brand new version of Gigbucks that will completely revolutionize the way micro jobs and services are bought and sold in the world. We encourage anyone who is interested in the future of commerce to join our site for free and stay in touch with us to see how our new project materializes. You’ll be shocked at what we can do when we all work as a team.”

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