Elance vs Gigbucks Review

Gigbucks vs Elance ReviewFreelance job sites create enormous cost savings for businesses or anyone just looking for a service, and gives people who have talent and are looking for work a broad place to advertise their service on the internet. Freelancer sites open up an entire new world of exchanging business where you will always be able to find exactly what you want at the best price with the click of a button. I love freelance web sites because they are innovative and effective. In this article I will review two top notch freelance web sites: Gigbucks and Elance. You will learn the facts about both sites, how they compare, and which is worth your while.

Gigbucks and Elance are freelance web sites where anyone can buy and sell services. These sites will grant you access to a variety of talent from writers to tech guru and you will be able to find any service imaginable such as logo and website design, advertising, video editing, social media marketing, video testimonials and programming. You can even find expert tips and advice to give you a boost.

Now let us explore the differences of freelance web sites Gigbucks and Elance. Both are sure to get the job done, but each web site has its differences in the overall experience you will have using them. Elance has a very sleek look when you first open their page and is easy and simple to use. You will be greeted with the option to choose to find talent, find work, or post your job. You can post your job for free if you are talent. If you are looking for talent, you will only pay for the service after you approve the quality of the work done. Elance is overall quick and easy to use. Gigbucks is also easy and quick to use with clear and easy to use options upon entering the site. Gigbucks is more colorful than Elance and has a more fun vibe in general, which I like. Gigbucks also has posts from workers visible as soon as you enter the site so you can start browsing right away. If you are wanting to post your service, there is an option “add a gig” on the front page so you can get right down to business. Another thing I liked about Gigbucks is that they feature the option to “add a want” so that Gigbucks users can offer their say on what services they want to buy. This gives an advantage both buyers and sellers because they can be more in sync with each other.

Now for a more in depth look at these web sites. Read on for a comparison of Gigbucks and Elance in terms of price range, competition, quality, services offered, and support. Below they are listed in bullet points for easy reading!

Price Range

We will cover price range first because it is, in my opinion, most important and can be a deal breaker for some people. For sellers, both Gigbucks and Elance let you post your services completely free. For buyers, the game between the two has a slight variance. With Elance, sellers have the ability to charge whatever price they want for their service. While this may be an advantage for sellers, it has been shown to cause prices for talent on Elance rise much higher than Gigbucks. Not only are businesses going to be paying more with Elance, but they will do so for the same services they could get on Gigbucks. With Gigbucks, there is a set price range: $5 to $50. This makes pricing simpler, cheaper, more straight forward, and the buyer will always know exactly what they are getting with no surprises or hassle in the end. Plus, Gigbucks offers a recurring payment option for those who buy or sell a service that recurs every week or month.


Now onto competition. Gigbucks is a smaller site with less sellers. While Elance has more sellers and is bigger, there remains the question if that is actually beneficial for users. In this area, I would have to say that the bigger pool of competition poses an obstacle for sellers. Because there are so many more sellers on Elance, it makes it more difficult for people looking for work to actually get the jobs they are posting. On Gigbucks, the seller is much more likely to obtain customers.


The quality of gigs and talent in both Gigbucks and Elance have shown to be the same. Both have great ratings on the services that are offered on their site and have great customer satisfaction and approval. Both Gigbucks and Elance also have no-obligation buyer protection that prevents buyers from losing money.

Services Offered

Gigbucks and Elance both offer an array of services. Buyers can find whatever they are looking for on both sites from social media marketing to video editing. Elance has more international traffic on their site whereas Gigbucks has a higher percentage of traffic from within the United States.


In the area of user support, Gigbucks and Elance show a notable difference. To compare the speed and quality of support between the two sites, I submitted the question “How can I change my user name?” to each site. Elance took 13 hours to respond, and Gigbucks only took four. Because Elance is a much bigger site, they do not have the high standard quality of user support that Gigbucks has.

The overall review of Elance versus Gigbucks shows that both freelance sites offer great quality and are easy to use. However in my experience, I prefer the set pricing that Gigbucks offers making their services cheaper and the better quality of user support. My overall experience using Gigbucks was better because the site is smaller, easier to use and cheaper.