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How to build a brand using micro jobs

Many are intersted in getting their brand out and recognized by other people. One of the best ways to go this is by utilizing Gigbucks. Now when coming up with a brand name and the road to take there are many things you need to keep in mind when doing this.

The first thing you need have to look at is the linking of the name and the building. You need to find ways to encoporate your brand and linking it with ways and avenue in order to get it out.

The second thing you need to keep in mind is the video. Now if you have your own site you can use your site in order to upload it and get the name out. some actually prefer to use their own site for uploading the video. it gives them more creative control and they don;t have to adhere to any rules or domination that other sites occupy. if you don’t have your own site and don’t have the money, you could use another vialbe option. There is youtube. You tube is a cheap and inexepnsive way to get your band name across to very wide audience,more than what you might have had with your won site. This option might be preferable if your own site doesn’t get as many hits and not many have knowledge of your own individual site.

The next thing you need are testimonials, personal testimonials are preferable. Linking testimonials to your own brand name, actual people that have used the brand, is a good way to send word of mouth. Word ouf mouth is sometimes a better option and youmihg reach a wider audience that way. It may take some more time doing it this way, but word of mouth is a road that many business and individuals use in order to get their brand out.

The final steps are finding the right social medias to exercize the brand and finding the right provders. Firstly you should choose media sources such as twitteer and facebook in order to broadcast your brand. Twitter and facebook reach a very wide audience and if you post your band name on your own page you can reach every single person that has access to your page.

The steps in finding the right provider are simple. Do the research and investigate the score of your provider. You want and need someone who has a very scor and very high success rate. You also want someone who will follow and fulfull your instructions the way you want them to be followed. Don;t rely on someone who will dictate how it will and should be done. this is your brand name so make it your own and make sure that ti comes out as your own.

Start Making Money Online & Build your Internet Business Free!

Do you have a dream of creating your own online business? Many people, including stay at home mothers, earn a great living by running their own Internet business. Social websites are no longer used for only social networking. Information websites like Gigbucks have now become a source of income for many online users. Gigbucks will work for you whether you have a full time job and want to earn an additional income, or you are unemployed at the moment and need to generate some revenue to help pay the bills. If you are a mother, you can earn extra money. Wouldn’t it be great if you could continue your stay at home mom duties and make money from home at the same time? If you are a stay at home mom who is looking for the perfect opportunity to build an Internet business from home, Gigbucks will give you the opportunity that you need.

We are all taught when we are kids that the way to make money is to go out and get a job. This is the farthest from the truth! If you have a great idea for a home business, the Internet has made it possible for you to get paid for your great ideas. Although jobs are great for those who have a schedule that permits it, it is not the only way to make money. You can start making money online and build your Internet business free by using Gigbucks! You can even build your business income to a point where you are making more money than you ever would with a regular job. Doing this takes real dedication and business planning, but you must know that there are many people who earn a very nice income by working from home.

Gigbucks makes it possible for you to find the people that need your product or service. It is as simple as posting your gigs and getting paid. After posting your services on the site, customers will come to you. If you can help someone else advertise their product or service, you will have a large audience that is willing to pay you for this. If you offer graphic, music or audio services, you can build your client list with Gigbucks. Translation services, programming, freelance writing, video services or any other thing you can think of can be sold.

Gigbucks is not one of those get rich quick web scams that you may have come across before. Although some of those opportunities are legit, scams are much too common, and you will want to protect yourself. You will always want to make sure that the website you are dealing with is a reputable business. Gigbucks is set up to prove to you that they are a reputable site. The website is very user friendly and has support should it ever be needed.

When you have a talent, you will have to sell it to clients. You will have to convince them that you can do a great job for them. They can go many places for the kind of service you are offering. Why should they choose you? If you have already built your online business, you will want to offer them your portfolio to look over. This will show them that you are serious about your work and that you will satisfy their needs.

What about new online businesses that don’t have a portfolio and have never had any clients? New businesses have just as much of a chance of gaining new clients as an existing businesses. This is what makes Gigbucks great for new Internet businesses. The site makes it real easy for you to build a portfolio that you can show future clients. This is done by posting your services and charging a low price. By offering an unbeatable deal, you will soon have clients, thus you will soon have a wonderful portfolio. Your point here will not be to make a huge profit, instead you are working to build your portfolio. Once that is done, you can charge new clients your regular price for your services. Clients will be willing to pay more for your services if you can show them that you have had satisfied customers in the past. The main thing you will want to do for your new online business is to gain new clients. By gaining enough regular clients, you can soon have a thriving business.

As you use Gigbucks to sell your services, you will be rated by your clients. This is why it is very important to build your skills and salesmanship. When a potential client is browsing your listing, they will be able to see your rating score. Having a good rating score will give the potential client confidence that you can do a good job for them. As you build your score, you are proving that you run a reputable business.

There is no reason that a great idea should not be turned in to a great income. Once you become a member of Gigbucks and work with clients to build your portfolio, you will learn what ideas of yours are bringing in the greatest amount of revenue. You will learn that some ideas work better than others. With that said, you should keep in mind that many Gigbucks sellers sell multiple services. It soon becomes apparent to them what their best sellers are.

Those who use Gigbucks love that they are in control of the amount of money that they can make. You will get to choose the days and hours that are best for you to work. It is nothing like having a nine to five job where you would get paid hourly or have a monthly salary. There is no having to wait to the end of the week for your paycheck. There is no need to ask your boss for a raise when you need more money. You will be in control of your income and will be able to decide when you get that raise.

How To Successfully Outsource Social Media Marketing

How To Successfully Outsource Social Media MarketingWhat Is Outsourcing Social Media Marketing?

The need for outsourcing social media marketing for businesses has increasingly been on the rise. Social media marketing is one of the most successful tools for any growing business, small or large, and continues to dominate all major forms of online advertising. What businesses are finding with regards to social media marketing is a way to access a broader range of potential customers in a more immediate fashion. Now, more then ever, businesses are finding the need to outsource these services.

What outsourcing does is essentially, provides a service, usually at a lower cost than hiring an agency or company to market your product or service through social media networks. Furthermore, outsourcing social media marketing is like hiring an independent contractor to handle all your social media marketing needs at a fraction of the cost. And one of the best sites for outsourcing social media marketing for all types of business is through .

How To Get Started

Gigbucks is revolutionizing the way businesses hire freelancers for their social media marketing needs. Gigbucks is a service that allows people or businesses to form an account and charge a small fee for their service. Services range from writing articles to conducting social media marketing. What makes this ideal and great for all types of businesses is that for only five dollars you can achieve a goal that would cost your hundreds, if you hired a more established and well known marketing corporation to do this job for you.  It is a safe and effective way to conduct business. It is also easy to use and hassle-free to form an account. In addition, you are guaranteed to get the work done on time and with a high quality turn around rate. Moreover, you can pay securely and safely through Gigbucks and the provider of the service will only be paid once the job is done. In a sense, the job has to be completed and to your satisfaction before the provides is paid. There is a one hundred percent guarantee for you before your money goes to the provider.

How This  Works For All Kinds Of Businesses

Gigbucks provides services for all types of business. Services range from writing essays, programming, graphic design and social media marketing for your business. You can verify you are dealing with high quality service providers by reading reviews under their account profile.  There is an endless amount of information and services providers that make it simple to find anything to suit you or your businesses needs. You can also contact sellers before you hire them. Moreover, what this means exactly is that you have one on one communication with sellers and are guaranteed high quality service for your small fee. Instead of websites that make it difficult to get in touch with them, Gigbucks, by contrast puts you in direct communication with service providers so there is no hassle, discrepancy or misleading information. This also helps build relationships with service providers and clients, so if you need a further job done, you can recontact them at a later date. It is a very transparent, simple and effective way of conducting business online. There is no mystery as to how things are done and having solid communication makes every transaction smooth and easy to do.

Searching And Browsing For Services 

By searching on Gigbucks you will find thousands of opportunities for services that correspond to your business’ needs. Whether it is for social media marketing or other types of advertising, there are myriad of different job opportunities at the tips of your finger. Gigbucks makes every transaction transparent, easy and effective so there is no mystery as to how things are done. Moreover, each job is guaranteed for the customer’s absolute satisfaction. The way outsourcing social media marketing is done on Gigbucks is a relatively new and advanced way of advertising. For a small fee, starting at five bucks, a service provider on Gigbucks will do the marketing for you. What is required on your end is to provide clear cut and concrete details as to what you are looking for and hope to achieve. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with the service that is provided, you will not have to pay a single cent for the job. Further, even if the job is completed, if it is not done to your absolute liking, than you get a full refund. In other words, you do not have to accept any job if you feel it is incomplete. The power that you have is to control how the finished product looks and is designed. No service provider gets paid, to be sure, until you authorize your satisfaction upon the job being complete and to your standards of execution.

Sign up today to get started outsourcing your social marketing needs at Gigbucks

Your Basic Guide to Article Writing for Business

Benefits or article writing servicesEach year, thousands of entrepreneurs take all the right steps to growing their business and doing everything they can to succeed. It is both exciting and overwhelming.  The biggest issue for most owners is getting the word out about their business. One way these business owners can get attention is to write articles. Article writing is a method that many of the most successful businesses are using to drive more traffic and generate more sales. The fact is that this is a strategy that works, if it is done correctly.

Article Writing is method of writing and publishing articles for the target market. Many businesses often have their own blog or website and use their articles to keep their customers and prospects informed as well as growing their site in search engine rankings. This process may be considered time consuming, but it is a well-known method for attracting new customers and establishing yourself as an expert in your industry. The articles you publish may just be the edge that your business needs to push ahead of your competition.

Benefits of Writing Articles

What are the benefits of adding an article writing strategy to your plan? Most businesses who start using article writing as part of their marketing strategy will find it changes the entire future of their business. The following are just a couple of the benefits you are going to notice when you execute this strategy.

• You will gain a reputation as one of the experts in your field of business
• Your articles will help to brand your business
• The traffic to your business website will increase
• Your website will get higher search engine rankings
• With an increased amount of traffic, your business will acquire more leads and more sales
• Your business will start to take in more profits

Key Elements in Article Writing

While article writing can be a great way to give your business a boost, there are several factors that you need to consider when writing articles for marketing a business.

Content: The content you write must be relevant to both your business and your target market. It also needs to be interesting or entertaining for the reader. A number of businesses that find success with this marketing strategy often attribute it to the fact that they keep their target market in mind when choosing the subject of their articles. If you choose to write only promotional-type articles, you will lose the reader. Instead, engage your readers by giving them tips and advice, as well offering reviews on the products they might be interested in.

It is also vital that each article you publish use target keywords specific to your own business. For example, if your business is selling educational books for children online, you will want to include keywords like “buy educational books” or “educational reading material for children” in your articles. Keyword density is extremely important, as using too many keywords in one article can actually hurt your SEO (search engine optimization) results; using too few will also give you poor results. The optimal amount would be to keep your keyword density to an average between 2 and 4 percent.

Grammar and Spelling:
The articles you publish online are going to be a reflection of your business. Each article must be taken seriously, which means checking them for errors in grammar and spelling. If you are not careful and publish articles with numerous errors, your readers are going to deem you as unprofessional.

The most common error in article marketing is lack of consistency. For the best results, it is important that you write and publish articles regularly to post on your blog or your website. Most people fail at this because the process is time-consuming. However, if you can actually set a goal of writing and publishing between two and five articles a day, you will get good results.

Writing Services

For business owners that simply lack the necessary time for article writing and publishing, there are many different writing services available. These companies that offer this service will provide you with keyword rich articles. Many will even provide you with the articles within 24 hours of ordering. Before you choose to go with a writing service, be sure to get writing samples, a quote for the number of articles you need, and a guarantee that they will be delivered to you within the time period you request. Many of the websites that offer writing services, such as, will offer them at a very affordable cost.

Along with writing services, many of these companies will offer a submission service, as well. As each article directory will have its own set of criteria and publishing guidelines, the process can be somewhat confusing for newcomers. If you choose to hire a company for this service as well, it is important that you make sure they are going to publish them in the directories that are most compatible with the type of business you own.

As you can see from the information provide above, article writing is a process that is going to take time, and it must be done right. A business owner could publish twenty articles a day, but if the articles are poorly written and are not considered useful to the reader, the efforts will be wasted. By keeping all of this information in mind when you start your new marketing strategy, you will get to enjoy all of the benefits that come from publishing your own articles online.

Social Bookmarking Explained

Social bookmarking explainedOne of the most important parts of running a website is to ensure that the site is receiving a large number of visitors. Since the majority of traffic comes from search engines, most webmasters focus on search engine optimization (SEO) to drive traffic to their web pages. In addition to creating keyword content, webmasters also need to have a large number of websites that link back to them to increase their search engine ranking.

To improve search engine rankings, many webmasters began using link farms to increase the number of backlinks to their site. However, after a recent Google update, the search engine is now demoting websites if they have too many low quality backlinks, which includes link farms. Since link farms and low quality backlinks are no longer an option, social bookmarks are quickly replacing link farms as the high volume backlink option of choice for many people.

There are a number of reasons that social bookmarks are succeeding now that link farms are no longer viable. They offer targeted traffic, increase the speed and frequency of indexing of websites and they also are a pre-approved source of backlinks. This solution also has the advantage of being simple and inexpensive; there are services that offer high volume and low cost social bookmark submission services to webmasters.

How Social Bookmarking Sites Work
There are a number of highly popular social bookmarking sites on the Internet. Some of the most well-known websites are, and These websites allow people to store, organize and share their favorite web pages and bookmarks with other people on the Internet. Bookmarks on these sites are sorted by category and keywords, and there are currently hundreds of social bookmark sites on the Internet.

What Are The Advantages to Using Social Bookmark Sites?
As mentioned, one of the biggest draws that social bookmarking sites have to webmasters is the fact that they represent high volume, high quality backlinking opportunities. In addition to taking away the usefulness of link farms with their recent updates, Google also stated that they would begin looking at the quality of the sites that backlinks originate from. This makes developing a large number of backlinks even more challenging. However, social media sites are already considered high quality sites, meaning that webmasters can use them for backlinking purposes without fear of ranking demotion.

Websites that are linked on social media sites can also benefit from Google’s new emphasis on social media. The search engine has begun counting positive social media feedback and activity towards a website’s search engine rankings. This means that websites that are linked on social bookmarking sites increase their ranking through both social networking participation and through high quality backlinks.

Another reason that social bookmarks are beneficial to websites is because being on them increases the speed and frequency that those websites are indexed. Web pages that have a large number of links and online activity are crawled by search engines more often than others. This is extremely helpful for new websites, and established web pages can benefit from the quick addition of new content to search engines. Further, Google also is now focused on promoting websites that offer fresh content, meaning that if a website is updated and indexed on a regular basis, its search engine ranking should rise quickly.

Since social bookmark sites also sort websites by category and keywords, websites that are listed can increase the amount of targeted traffic they receive. Visitors to social bookmarking pages have the ability to search for keywords and topics that interest them, meaning that websites on these sites can benefit from an increase in targeted traffic. While the volume of traffic that comes directly from these sites will be lower than what is received through search engines, even small amounts of traffic can add up.

How To Get High Volumes of Social Bookmark Links
While the Internet offers hundreds of social bookmarking websites that webmasters can use to share their sites on, going through the process of registering and sharing links with each one is an enormous task. However, there are a number of web pages that offer low cost services that can add a website’s information and sort it accordingly. For example, offers webmasters high volume link submission services for five dollars, and the majority of the members of the website promise a turn around time of a week or less.

A large number of webmasters are struggling to regain their search engine ranking after the recent Google updates that devalued backlinks from link farms. However, by using social bookmarking sites, webmasters can easily and quickly develop a large number of high quality backlinks while also boosting their social media standing. These websites represent a low cost way of increasing search engine rankings while driving targeted traffic to a website.

Translating Your Website: Why Do It?

Translating your website, why do it?The Internet is an incredibly powerful and popular invention; millions of people use the online world to tackle various tasks no matter what the time of day. Whether a person wishes to shop, do research or talk with friends, there is a website to fit that need. Many website owners are learning that several steps must be taken in order to stand out; one option involves translating a website into another language.

The benefits of translating your website

1. You Are Accessible To a New Audience

Maybe you receive visitors from around the world; however, if a visitor does not understand what is on the website, he or she may move on to something else. When you choose to make your site available in at least two languages, you ensure that you are inviting new people to enjoy the content. People can learn something fresh; they do not have to feel frustrated or angry because they do not understand something. Pay attention to your audience; if you are aware of the countries of origin for your visitors, you can determine the languages that are appropriate.

2. Your Website Will Stand Out From the Competition

There are countless websites on the Internet; a person that looks for a specific subject can usually find something. As a result of this, it is difficult for an individual website to stand out. However, you can create an advantage. When you translate your website, you take a step that other websites do not. It is not terribly common for websites to think beyond one language; this makes it hard to communicate. You can advertise the fact that your website is available in multiple languages; it will not be a lie to garner attention.

3. Your Revenue Will Increase

When a potential customer is unable to decipher the words on your website, he or she will move on; this is bad for a website that sells products or services. You cannot hope to make a sale if people have to struggle with the language on the site. You should provide the option to view the website in another language. A person on the other side of the world can learn how to place an order with ease. In fact, people may place several orders. This can increase your revenue and help you gain success.

4. You Can Connect With People

How would you feel if you came across a website that was unreadable for you? Think about your website through the eyes of a customer. A customer feels comfortable with a business if he or she can understand the language. The customer will check out the entire website. He or she can locate contact information and understand the products that are available for purchase. Customers are also more likely to contact you and ask questions. You can connect with these individuals and help them understand why you are trustworthy. You can bring humanity to the selling process.

5. People Will Reward You for Your Efforts

People appreciate a website that tries to be accommodating. Some people believe that it is annoying when a website only opens itself to one country. If you manage to meet their needs, visitors will reward you in the long run. They will tell friends and family members about your website; you may also receive positive emails or phone calls. You will appear to be serious about what you do; you are not a person that wants to have fun and move on to something else within months of creating a website. You are willing to make an investment and ensure that the future is bright.

How to Get a Translation Done

It is possible to hire a translation service; however, such an avenue is not always cheap. If you are on a budget, it is necessary to use caution with expenses. Some website owners choose to use websites that allow you to place text in a box and have it loosely translated; this method usually results in a translation that makes little sense. Consider using a website like You may save money by hiring a translator that freelances his or her abilities. A freelance translator may also assist you in avoiding cultural mistakes. You will not offend somebody.

Though the Internet is a recent invention, many people are unable to picture the world without it. People use the Internet for various needs; as a result, thousands of websites come into existence on a daily basis. Standing out and succeeding can be bothersome. If you want your website to garner attention, consider a translation of the language on your site. You will open a door into a new, potential audience. You will also show the world that you are serious about what you want to do. If you are unsure about what to do, ask a person that you trust for help.

The Importance of a Logo to your Business

importance of logo designA logo is an important element in any business. It serves as a symbol or an icon that represents what the company does. Logos may seem to be just a simple visual tool used by a company, but they can actually do a lot. Logos promote awareness of the company’s existence and attract potential customers. Therefore, logos should be unique and stand out from the rest.

Company names may be difficult for customers to remember, but logos are not. Logos can express everything about a company without having to read lengthy product features and company profiles. The human brain finds it easier to store visual images than anything else.

Components of a Logo

There are basically three components of a logo. They should represent a clear and recognizable symbol of the company. Customers should see what the company is and what it does with just a quick look.

Wordmarks are simply just the name of the company. Nike, Coke and KFC are all wordmarks.

Icons or avatars are actual symbols of the company. They have high visual appeal that leaves a long-lasting impression.

Taglines or slogans
Short descriptions of the product or the company. They envelope the essence of what the company offers. Taglines and slogans include things like KFC’s “Finger lickin’ good” and Nike’s “Just do it.”

Different Types of Logos

This is a breakdown of the different types of logos used

Typographic Logos

The logo consists of ony letters or words. These types of logos do not use any symbols or pictures. Ebay and Google use this type of logo.

Figurative Logos

Figurative logos can have a combination of an icon and wordmark. The icon represents something that is not abstract like Shell and Apple’s company logos.

Abstract Logos

Abstract logos are a combination of a pictogram and a tagline. These are visual interpretations of the subject.

Combined Logos

Combined logos use different types of logos together.

Key Elements of a Successful Logo Design


The company logo should not appear as if it has been used elsewhere. The logo should not have symbols or taglines that are similar to those used by other companies. Customers should not have the impression that they have seen the logo before. Unique logos are easy to remember and leave no room for confusion.


Companies should come up with a logo that is compatible enough to be used in different media. The logos should not only be suitable for the primary products. They should also be appropriate to be used in company brochures, stationery, shipping boxes, websites, labels, advertisements and promotional items.


Companies need to show off their logos in different sizes. With this, they should bear in mind that logos should be reproduced in varying sizes without compromising their impact. The most common problem with logos is that they may look great in one particular size but may be less appealing in another. The solution to this is to make the logo as simple as possible. Complex logo designs have a lot of details that are not effective in smaller sizes. Logos used by big companies like Apple, Shell and Nike look great in any size. This feature makes these companies more memorable for customers.

No Effects

Adding a lot of special effects to the logo may appear artistic, but it does not make a logo effective. Logos don’t need fancy effects  and other unnecessary marks. This additional artwork may make the logos less memorable. The test of a truly effective logo is when customers recall the company with just a quick glance. Otherwise, the logo fails its purpose. Logos with needless special effects make reproduction across different media more difficult.


Logos should not require constant updating. The logo should not contain too many new elements in order for it to fit in any period of time. One good example is Coca-Cola’s logo. Since its inception, the logo has stayed the same with only a few tweaks to the font style. Logos that fail to meet this standard cannot last long.

Do’s and the Don’ts in Designing Logos

The Do’s

• Logos should be kept simple and easy to remember.
• Conduct research regarding competitors. Doing so will provide information about what works best.
• The most significant word or element should stand out in the logo itself.
• All colors used should complement each other. Otherwise, they will clash and appear cluttered.
• All logo elements should appear at all times.
• Logos should remain effective regardless of the size.
• Logos should possess personality.
• Logos should represent the company’s primary products and services.
• Logos should serve as a message from the company to the customers.

The Don’ts

• Never use clip arts.
• No copying from other logos.
• Logos should not be decorative and too fancy.
• Avoid using all caps for the taglines.
• Avoid making constant changes to the logo.
• Do not change different font styles.
• Avoid using too many special effects like shadows or stretching.
• Do not use contrasting colors.
• Never use photographs as logos.

Where to use a Logo

• Logos should appear in the company website’s header or footer.
• They may also be placed on clients’ websites.
• Company letterheads, envelopes and invoices should never fail to have the logo.

Getting the Right Logo

Getting the help of professional logo makers is always the smartest way to get the right one. There are many companies offering these services. They can create unique logos and evaluate their effectiveness. However, this can be very costly for a starting business. There are also sites like where small business owners can find professional freelance logo makers at affordable prices.