10 Ways To Grow Your Business With Gigbucks

by admin on August 18, 2014

Five bucks may seem like a small amount of money, but there are many cool new ways to grow your business using Gigbucks!

Hopefully some of these strategies will give you some good ideas to help you grow your business with Gigbucks….

1.  Get Testimonials To Help Build Your Client Base

We all have to start somewhere.  Sometimes when you are trying to start out in a new business or profession, it can be difficult to build your business because you don’t have any testimonials or examples of satisfied customers.  One way to achieve testimonials is to start by offering a unique but small service for just $5 on Gigbucks.  This can be a great way to generate new customers and testimonials without the buyer taking a lot of risk to test your relatively new history.

2.  Sell E-Books, Songs, Art, or Other Bite Sized Digital Products

Five bucks might seem like a small amount of money, but many things like songs, books, and art can sell for only .99 cents (on Itunes or Amazon).  Why not offer the same song, book, or art piece with an added bonus for $5 on Gigbucks?  Instead of one song for .99 cents, you could offer 8 songs for $5, you could offer to autograph a digital art piece, or you could offer a digital print of your latest artwork for $5 on Gigbucks.

3.  Charge By The Minute For Professional Services

If you are a high paid professional like a lawyer, doctor, financial adviser or consultant of any kind, why not charge for your services by the minute and list them on Gigbucks?  If you normally charge $300 per hour, you can earn the same fee by charging $5 per minute.  Some people really only have one question they want feedback on that might only take one minute of your time, but they don’t want to (or can’t afford to) pay for a whole hour.  With tools like Skype and Google Hangouts, it is easy to talk to anyone in the world for free, so there is no cost to deliver your services and you will still earn your full hourly rate!

As another example, if a professional photographer charges $60 per hour for his services so he doesn’t list his services on Gigbucks.  But then he realizes that it only takes him 5 – 10 minutes to retouch a photo in Photoshop (a task that might take a newbie hours to complete).  So… he offers to re-touch photos on Gigbucks for $5, knowing he can complete 6 – 12 orders in one hour and add some extra income at his professional rate.

4.  Use Gigbucks As A Tool To Gain Future Clients At Higher Prices

Rather than spending a bunch of money on advertising in hopes of bringing in new clients, why not prove the value of your service by offering to provide a sample of your services for just $5 on Gigbucks?  In business we call this a “loss leader”.  For example, supermarkets will often sell one item at below their cost, just to get new customers in the door and hoping they will become permanent customers later and make more profitable purchases in the future.  This same strategy can be applied to any business and Gigbucks gives you a platform to get started.  One of the best ways to gain new clients is to prove your value to them in some small way before expecting them to invest larger amounts of money.

5.  Promote Your Gig On Social Media Websites

This one is a no-brainer.  Once you’ve created your Gig Listing on Gigbucks for free, why not send it out to your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts?  This can be a great way to keep in touch with your followers and earn extra income at the same time.

6.  Turn Your Passion Or Hobby Into Extra Income

If you are already involved in some sort of hobby or passion, why not earn some extra money by turning it into an offer on Gigbucks?  Like knitting scarves?  Offer your service on Gigbucks.  Like fixing motorbikes?  Offer to answer any question about fixing motorbikes for $5.  Enjoy designing logos?  You can offer to create logos on Gigbucks.

7.  Create An Explainer Video

Gigbucks enables you to include a YouTube video in your Gig Listing.  Making a video that explains what you are able to do for your clients is an effective way to catch people’s attention and show the real you behind all of the text and pictures.  People generally respond more to a video with a real person than words on a screen, and it can make your Gig Listing stand out.

8.  Turn Your Service Into A Product

A big challenge for most small businesses or freelance professionals is the time it takes to deal with a new client.  First, you have to respond to their inquiry, then, assuming they reply, you have to meet with them (or chat on the phone) to understand their needs, next you have to try to figure out how long it will take you to perform the service you are offering and provide a quote, then and only then, will the client say yes or no, or in many cases, simply not respond!  While these steps are necessary to build a business, it can often feel like a waste of time!

With Gigbucks you can turn your service into a product.  This means you can start by telling the marketplace what you are willing to do for $5, $10, or $50 and let the client decide if they want your service or not, and if so, they can purchase your service on the spot.  In this way, you don’t have to spend time working with the client before you get paid, with Gigbucks you get paid first and deliver the work second (although there is a holding period of 14 days to ensure your buyer is satisfied with your work).

9.  Hire Cheap Services On Gigbucks!

If you don’t have time to do any of the above to promote your business, you can probably find someone on Gigbucks who can do it for you at a low cost!  You can hire out video production, translation services, logo design, social media marketing, article/blog writing, and all kinds of other services to promote your business right here on Gigbucks.

10.  Join A Community To Network, Share Ideas, Refer Clients and More

Here at Gigbucks we are working on creating a community environment for our users that will help you connect with each other, bounce ideas around, share resources, and just have fun!  We believe the power of a community is greater than the sum of its participants.

What do you think?  What creative ideas can you think of that could help our members make money using Gigbucks?

Please leave your comments below….

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Buy top quality website content cheap

by jody on March 21, 2013

When your looking for quality writers for your blog or your website, there is only one great place to go and that is Gigbucks! This micro gig site is full of awesome freelancers to use for your writing needs

The freelance writers will request to get paid anywhere between $5 and $50 for each respective project that the writer completes. Consumers who are looking to build a website may need a writer because there’s too much to write in a short period of time. The writer would be able to help you with a blog or website content. The writer will be able to approrpriately write an article for you. You don’t want to have to look around for a quality writer.

You should look no further than Gigbucks because they will be able to help you with finding a quality writer. Each writer gets rated on the site, so you can see what other authors thought about the work that they got from the writer. You can get quality writers from the site. Consumers will be able to find someone quickly on the website. Gigbucks has a wide range of jobs that you can choose among. It’s a good place to launch a career as a quality writer or different stay-at-home job.

Many writers enjoy working for Gigbucks because its work that can be done from the privacy of your own home. In addition, as long as the work is completed by the deadline, the writer can do the project when it’s convenient for the writer’s schedule. No two weeks have to look the same, so you could work one Friday but not the next Friday. You could complete the project at 2 p.m or 2 a.m. When you work for Gigbucks, you have a lot of flexibility with your life. Gigbucks can help you find a stay-at-home job that fits your needs!

Yet another nice aspect of the job is that you can work from any location that you get internet service. If you go on vacation, you can get your work done from that loction. If you go to a coffee shop with internet service, you can get your work done. You no longer have to work a 9am to 5pm job when you work for Gigbucks. You will have more time to spend with your family because you get to choose the hours that your working. These are just some of the benefits of working from home with Gigbucks! Good luck finding a quality writer on our site!

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